Monday, December 5, 2016

What To Do After You Finish Buffy... Again

So you've just finished binge watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer for the 5th time in your adult life. What the hell do you do now? Well, you could sit here, stare at this stock photo, and count all the ways it's completely inaccurate to your reality right now. Nobody's house is that white. You could start it over again until you fall asleep, hoping you'll get over it by tomorrow. You could fall into a deep pit of depression. You could do a bit of crying.

None of these options are of very sound of mind... although they all sound pretty tempting. But no, soldier. Buffy didn't defeat the first evil so you could sit in a bed of slimy tissue papers. #CALLEDOUT. 

Once you get the bad sting of finishing all of Buffy, it's easy to sit back in a bed of your own tears. But never fear! Here's three ways to cheer up a die hard Buffy fan after the caving in of Sunnydale, California.

1. Dance like a maniac to this Spotify playlist of music from The Bronze.

That's right, folks. Some benevolent creature named Jesha Stukonis compiled a playlist of over 6 hours worth of music from the hippest Sunnydale hang out. For a small town, they had some pretty bitchin' bands play on a school night.

2. Dive into the wider Buffyverse by reading the graphic novels.

That's right! Buffy continues! She lives on in the pages of beautifully drawn graphic novels. Don't worry, Joss Whedon is totally in that shit. It's from the official man himself. No nerdling could run off and leave their baby, right?

3. Find something that everyone agrees is TOTALLY binge-able so you can move on.

I know, at first it feels like cheating. But I promise that after you get into it, you'll feel better. Try Orphan Black, Stranger Things, Lost, or Wentworth (it's like the Australian Orange is the New Black). Once you feel that mad rush to press the "continue watching" button, you'll know deep down that you might one day feel happiness again.

Hopefully you'll see the light of day tomorrow knowing that there's always next year's rewatch to look forward to. Buffy proves once again that being a Scooby is more than a hobby... It's a lifestyle.

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