Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Video Diary #1

Video Diary 8:26:14 from Megan "Raygun" Dillard on Vimeo.

I've picked up a project that I'll be doing regularly, which is a video diary. First of all, I need something to do with the stuff I shoot, I need motivation to shoot more, I'm terrible at forgetting to journal and document how I'm feeling at points in my life, I want to practice in the new Final Cut, and more than anything, I want to have raw self expression through cinematography that I can back away from later and try to figure out why I did what I did. Why did I shoot like that? Why did I use that effect? Why did I edit that frame out? And then take that information and apply it to storytelling. So here goes round one. I think I turned out a very interesting end product from my recent trip to Birmingham to the Bottletree Cafe. (By the way, the bands pictured are Golden Monica and Hartle Road.)

I've come to the following conclusion about my extensive use of frame blending/double exposure effect. Almost any artist has their baggage; that's why they're artists. Personally, I suffer from Depersonalization Disorder. (If you're totally confused, the Mayo Clinic website has a pretty good description of it.) Often times, I feel like life isn't happening, or that everything is happening at once and it all runs together. I think I gravitated so much to that effect in this edit because it visually represents how it feels when I disassociate. I feel like everything blends together and I can't tell today from yesterday or memory from dream. That effect shows how that feeling can make something beautiful, or something incomprehensible that distracts from what you're trying to focus in on. Trying to focus on the guitar player? TOO BAD, GLOWING, MULTI-COLOR SANTA. Everything is happening all the time. That's what my brain wants me to believe. It's kind of like that episode of Doctor Who where Donna gets stuck in the Doctor Moon and she forgets how she gets from place to place once she gets there, like it didn't happen or like her memory is clouded by her present. She has trouble wrapping her head around if she even existed all day and I better be real, because I've been dieting!

The editing process really let me work out some confusion and frustration, which I can see in the physical end product. Also it was a lot of fun. Never thought I'd say that about Final Cut. DAMN THOSE ROUNDED CLIP CORNERS, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. GIVE ME MY RIGHT ANGLES APPLE, IT MAKES ME FEEL PRECISE.

Hope you enjoyed the video and my crazed ramblings about what my brain is doing most of the time, I'll be back with more of it.

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